This website is 100% Canadian! Our information covers wild animals, wild places and lots of cool wild facts about Canada that are perfect for school reports. Or trivia challenges.

We are outdoor oriented so we cover hiking, rivers, parks etc. No political stuff here.

Come on in and have a browse – the weather is fine.

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Wild Species

Animal pages cover Canadian wildlife from mammals to birds, reptiles and amphibians. The Owls of Canada page has been our most popular since day one. Check out the comments – this page is turning into owl central for Canadian owls.

Also very popular is our Garter Snakes of Canada page. Yes, there are a lot of people who appreciate the essential-to-the-ecosystem garter snakes.

Wild Canada 

We’ve got loads of information on our weather and climate, facts on Canada, time zones, some wild trivia, travel documents and visiting our country – with and without your dog.

Wild Places

Canada has ten provinces and three northern territories. Our information covers each one individually, some hiking info plus details on the beautiful provincial or territorial parks in each.